Unified Carrier Registration Plan

The Unified Carrier Registration Act (UCRA) was instated as a replacement for the repealed Single State Registration System (SSRS). The objective of the UCR program is to unify and simplify the registration and monitoring process for all interstate and international motor carriers, brokers, leasing companies, and freight forwarder. 
The fee accompanied with this registration process is based on a tiered structure determined by the number of power units within a single fleet. This information is extracted electronically via the Department of Transportation (DOT) Database. 
In order to complete the filing process accurately all information listed within the DOT database must reflect the current standing of the applicable transportation company.

Who is required to file UCR?

  • Interstate Brokers
  • Leasing Company 
  • Freight Forwarders       
  • Interstate Motor Carriers (For-Hire/Private)*   
  • Motor Carriers Specifications
  • carriers that operate commercial motor vehicles that have the ​capacity to hold 11 passengers or more (driver  included)​
  • carriers that operate commercial motor vehicle hauling  ​property with a GVWR of 10,000 lbs or more  ​
  • carriers that operate commercial motor vehicles hauling ​personal property with the intent to lease, rent or sell 
  • Intrastate carriers that collect freight or passengers from US ​seaports or airports
  • Brokers 
  • Freight Forwarders
  • Motor Carriers that carry either 1 or 2 power units within an individual fleet
  • Motor Carriers that carry 3 to 5 power units within an individual fleet
  • Motor Carriers that carry 6 to 20 power units within an individual fleet 
  • Motor Carriers that carry 21 to 100 power units within an individual fleet

UCR 100 or more units

Motor Carriers that carry 101 or more power units within an individual fleet must contact our office for a quote!

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